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The Music of Tommy

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Sounds of Music Record Co.
4817 Wycliff Rd.
Portsmouth Va 23703

Phone 757-484-8452
e-mail address: tommy@tommyriddle.com 



Poppa Poppa Da Da  - CD

Poppa Poppa Da Da
No Right to Cry
Truck Driving
Fighting a Memory
Number Nine Stone
Musical John
Something Special
Bloods Thicker Than Water
Goodbye Tear Drops
Live with the Blues
Starlight Starbright
World of Beauty
Love Ain't Love



Love Ain't Always Love - Gospel CD

Love Ain't Always Love
World of Beauty
Jesus Is Here
Under Your Wings
Will The Circle
Amazing Grace
Closer Walk
Me & My Guitar
There Is A River
What A Friend


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Click Here: "Where Have My People Gone"


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Patriotic Album: Three Screaming Eagles - CD

Three Screaming Eagles   (Lynn Price)
The Devil Went Down to Baghdad  (Lynn Price)
A Military Prayer  (Steve Newton)
A Solider Dream   (Roland R. Ruiz)
Battle Day   (Jamie Badour)
Flags Across America   (Lynn Price)
Letter from Heaven   (Lynn Price)
My Name   (Lisa Zdankiewicz)
Nation in Battle   (Debra L. Looney)
The Braclet   (Lisa Zdankiewicz)
Unclaimed Solider   (Tommy Riddle Band)
We'll See You in Morning   (Pearlie Walker)




New Single CD - 2 Songs

God Bless the Soldier
Mother Liberty


History of Recordings

Rec. #     Side         Song Title
02187       A      World of Beauty
02187       B      Love Ain't Love Until You Give It Away

Rec. #     Side       Song Title
1203         A      Number Nine Stone
1203         B      Fighting A Memory
1205         A      Truck Drivin' Ain't What It Used To Be
1205         B      No Right To Cry

Bright Star
Rec. #     Side       Song Title
5455         A       Musical John
5455         B       Dreaming Country

Clover Records
Rec. #     Side        Song Title
300            A      Starlight Starbright
300            B      Stolen Love

Spinn Records
Rec. #     Side         Song Title
1001          A        Poppa Poppa Da Da
1001          B        Unclaimed Soldier
1010          A        Live With The Blues
1010          B        Goodbye Teardrops