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Tommy's Accolades

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Country Legends Association
Tommy is a Member of the CLA



Jerry Haynes, the President of the VCMA presents Tommy Riddle with his Pioneer Award at the Jamboree


Radio station, 1490 The Outlaw, who plays Tommy's music and is also the racing station in Tidewater and Hampton Roads for (Nextel Racing).

Pictured with Tommy are Chuck Hall, the station owner (he's the tall one) and DJ Phil Paul. They celebrated Tommy's Birthday by having "Tommy Riddle Day" at the station and Tommy (naturally) was the guest of honor. Chuck presented Tommy with a racing trophy as a gag and Tommy clowned around with the Elvis statue.



Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame



Tommy's VCMA. Award

Tommy's Virginia Country Music Award Assoc., Inc. Award

Tommy Honored by Silver Star Families of America for his CD supporting our troops, "Three Screaming Eagles"



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